April’s wedding Inspiration: La vie en Rose…


Paris montage
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AAAhhh! Paris!

The city of lights, the city of Love… Paris in the Springtime is a truly unique experience. Poets have written about it and endless movies and photographs have been trying to capture the breathtaking atmosphere of this city. Personally, I love Paris, especially at this time of the year and it was this wonderful capital that inspired me to design April’s wedding theme!

paris details montage
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Bellow are some ideas on how to create the perfect Parisian wedding:

  • Choose a palette of soft colors. Blush, light pink, ivory, coral, rose gold and mint are all fantastic choices;
  • Decorate your venue with gorgeous mirrors, round tables with ivory linens and golden rimmed china;
  • Your invitations set the tone for the celebration. Therefore, pick a template resembling a vintage postcard from Paris in the 1920s;
  • Rose bubbly is the ideal drink to toast to the occasion;
  • Spread pink rose petals along the aisle to add an extra romantic aura to the ceremony;
  • For the wedding cake, choose a three layer cake with rose gold icing  adorned with coral, ivory and light pink natural flowers;
  • Let your guests enjoy a dessert buffet with the most indulgent and elegant treats. Don’t forget the French macaroons – they are the latest trend!

Paris bride
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For the bride, I suggest look that is unique and yet extremely elegant and that screams romance!

  • Pick a blush colored wedding dress in a ball gown shape made of incredibly soft and light fabrics;
  • For the hair, choose a loose up-do or half way up, half down. Make it extra voluminous and slightly messy. Another fantastic idea is to have a birdcage veil in the same tone as the dress framing the bride’s face;
  • Choose a gorgeous rose gold nail polish and keep your make-up extremely soft with emphasis on the eyes;
  • To complete the look, pick a bouquet of pink flowers with some light green and purple for additional texture.

March’s Wedding Inspiration- Hollywood Glamour!


Jnauary theme

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Beija-flor Events brings you another Wednesday wedding inspiration post.

After the Oscars’ ceremony, I was inspired by Holywood’s glamour of the 1940’s and 50s and decided to award the month of March with this elegant wedding theme.

Here are some tips to achieve the desired look:

  • Channel this exciting era into your wedding day, by choosing a palette with emphasis on red, black and white.
  • For your invitations, pick a look similar to an old movie poster.
  • A red carpet at the entrance of the reception venue is a must! Surround the entrance with two oversized vases with red feathers and your guests will feel as they are entering a world of sophistication and glamour. You might want to tell the photographers to stay at the entrance and take plenty pictures of the guests as they come in!
  • Use gorgeous fluffy Ostrich white feathers in tall vases for your centerpieces. You can also place an iconic picture of a movie star on each table or even name the different tables after famous actors or actresses.
  • For entertainment, have your guests travel in time by having a vintage camera in a photo both and including several props from the 40s and 50s so they can take elegant pictures of themselves.
  • Hire a band to play some beautiful Jazz tunes during the cocktail hour and later change it up to swing and early rock and roll to bring the guests to the dance floor!

January bride theme

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After the austerity of the war times there was most definitely an explosion when it comes to the fashion in the late 1940s and 50s.  For an elegant bridal look worthy of a red carpet try this:

  • Choose a wedding gown with a slim silhouette and an open back. A champagne flute shaped dress is perfect!
  •  When doing your make-up, make sure you have a beautiful red lip and perfectly lined eyebrows.
  • Accessorize with gorgeous pearl necklaces, an undersized and classy boa, a birdcage veil or evening gloves.

January Reception

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For a wedding guest, the reception is the most anticipated part of a wedding. Here are a few more suggestions on how to show your guests the most fabulous time:

  • When selecting the evening menu, you may want to give special attention to the cocktail party. Cocktail parties were an American invention and, during this time period, they were most definitely in vogue. Make sure to serve traditional recipes from the era. Hand out appetizers like pig blankets, crabmeat lobster pastries, caviar or foie gras sandwiches, stuffed olives, cheese puffs, and many other delicacies.
  • The drinks should include the most loved concoctions from the period like martinis or champagne cocktails.
  • Incorporate the color palette when it comes to the food as well. For example, serve a signature red juicy cocktail, or red velvet cupcakes.
  • For your wedding cake, have edible red roses decorating a black and white cake. I particularly love the one on the first picture of this post. It looks velvety and lustrous and so appetizing!

February’s Wedding Inspiration – Masquerade!


Venetian carnival Montage

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It is Carneval folks! In the streets of Venice, everyone is celebrating this exciting time. After the gloomy Winter, people finally step out of their houses in colorful garments and party day and night.

Of course, that the most exciting elements of the venetian costumes are the fabulous masks people wear. They come in many shapes, colors and designs and are all exquisite works of art. These masks are so well known to the rest of the world, that they are in fact an iconic symbol of Venice and can be purchased year round at the local markets and souvenir shops.

Inspired by this month’s wonderful celebration I chose a Masquerade Wedding theme to share with you.

Venetian wedding reception
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This wedding theme is the perfect excuse for a black-tie event. As for the location, choose an old castle, palace or mansion if you are out in the countryside or perhaps by the waterfront, or pick a gorgeous hotel ballroom or library room if you wish to have your big day in a cosmopolitan city.

For the wedding palette, pick rich and dark colors such as deep reds, black and gold. Decorate the reception with red velvet curtains or drapes,  hang elaborate chandeliers from the ceiling,  have gold silverware and gold rimmed glasses at the guests tables and use candelabra for your centerpiece decorations.

Hire violinists and cellists to play throughout cocktail hour and dinner. It will create a dramatic atmosphere and guests will feel as if they are in an italian opera!

For the wedding cake, I am sharing above two different styles that will fit the theme. The first one is a stunning multilayer red and gold cake with an exuberant edible venetian mask. The second one, is a simpler, classier white cake with beautiful delicate gold ornaments and a lovely mask adorning the top – the latter style might be my favorite!

To ensure that your guests enjoy the full experience of the masquerade, offer them masks during the cocktail hour. They can wear them all night and keep them as a reminder of such a fabulous and eventful evening!

venetian bride montage

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But what about the bride? For such an opulent theme, the perfect wedding dress fit is a ball-gown garment with a corset. For a fun take on the more traditional styles, make sure the skirt has a lot of texture and many different layers – a wonderful example of this, is the gown from Lazaro on the top left corner of this montage.

Maybe the most unique piece the bride will be wearing in this particular wedding, is her own mask. I much prefer a mask that covers only her eyes instead of the whole face. Is is definitely more delicate and classy and it won’t look like it is “eating” her face. For a touch of originality, it can also be drawn around her eyes. Either way, it should be an accessory that is worn only after the ceremony for the party portion of the wedding.

Instead of a bouquet, the bride may pick a glamorous feathered fan. As for the shoes, the occasion demands them to be  sophisticated an slightly over the top! I absolutely love the golden shoes above with rose appliqués.

From Russia with Love…


From Russia with Love
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I don’t know about you, but I have been completely addicted to the Winter Olympics! I have always very much enjoyed the figure skating but this year, even though it does remain my favorite event, I have been watching many others.  I am particularly excited about these Olympics as they are happening in Russia!!

For many years now, I have been fascinated by all things Russia: the literature, the history, the wonderful ballets, the music, the food, their beautiful palaces and I have even attempted to learn the language – well, that is a work in progress…

These last few days, I have been thinking: why not write a post on a winter wedding inspired by the grandeur of the Russian Imperial court?

So here it is! Check out these tips and tricks to make your wedding worthy of Catherine the Great!

  • Wear a ball-gown shaped dress! The wedding gown has to be fit for a Royal Empress! Make sure it has a very big skirt and plenty of interesting embellishments. Add gold and jewels – It is not regal if it doesn’t have some bling! But do keep it classy by limiting where you add the sparkle. Some smart choices are wearing glittery shoes or a gorgeous tiara. You can even adorn a plain ivory bouquet with beautiful pearls and lace.
  • Another option is to choose a faux-fur accessory. A russian fur hat, lined gloves or booties!
  • When choosing your venue, pick a place with gardens where guests can stroll during cocktail hour, if the weather allows it, while sipping warm drinks. If it is covered in snow it will also look gorgeous in the photographs.
  • For your dinner reception, get inspiration from the Winter palace and decorate your dinning room with magnificent chandeliers. Pick a soft light source to illuminate the venue and use soft colors such as ivory or champagne as your palette. Choose gold for the place settings and napkin rings – it has a very majestic feel!
  • When it comes to your wedding cake, choose a multi-layered white buttercream frosted cake. Cakes with texture have become my favorites. They look absolutely delicious! Decorate the cake with natural flowers in light colors such as ivory or light pink.
  • As it is the winter, get everyone some cosy little gifts to take home. Find great ideas on winter wedding favors here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentines day montage
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Beija-flor Events wishes all the couples a very Happy Valentine’s day! Here is some inspiration for your Valentine’s wedding theme!

3 Bridal shower themes for the winter season….


Welcome to the first post of Wednesday Wedding Inspirations by Beija-flor events!

As the 2014 wedding season kicks off, Beija-flor Events will be posting a wedding inspiration article every wednesday.

Today, we would like to share with you 3 fun themes for a bridal shower in the winter!

harry potter wedding shower
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1. Harry Potter

You are never too old to enjoy the magic of Harry Potter! Have everyone over for dinner, lunch or tea and recreate the Hogwarts castle in your own venue. Consider using railway tickets for your invitations, your guests will certainly be looking forward to this exciting event!

Then, at the venue, have a long wooden table or four smaller tables (one for each house) and place candlesticks on them. This will be your light source for the event. Decorate each table with props like glass balls, tins and mason jars with wooden brooms, owl figures and books!

Choose a menu full of exquisite, strange and funny items such as meat pastries, licorice wands, chocolate -shaped cauldrons, broom-shaped pretzels inserted into Reese’s peanut butter cups, golden snitch pops and don’t forget hot chocolate and (spiked!) butter beer stirred in two different cauldrons for drinks! Yum! And for a cake, check the one above, it’s the perfect match for the theme!

Snow white montage
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2. Snow White

The perfect wintery theme! Decorate the venue with gorgeous flower arrangements and do not forget to include apples! In fact, apples should be a staple throughout the event especially in your menu. Make sure to include all the favorites: apple pie, apple crunch, candied apples… I absolutely love the deliciously evil looking apple cocktails in this picture! For the ideal cake, choose one with a decadent pure white design that will fit the theme! Pajama party
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3. Pajama party

Do you remember how much fun you used to have with your girlfriends back in the slumber party days? Why not re-create that fantastic atmosphere for the bridal shower?

Get everyone in comfy and cute pajamas or lounge clothing, do pedi and manis to each other with pretty nail colors,  watch a favorite movie and chat all night long! Order pizza for your meal, or better yet make it from scratch so everyone has an input in the creations. You can also bake gorgeous cupcakes or yummy pancakes. And don’t forget the wine, cocktails or champagne. Let the fun begin!

January’s Wedding Inspiration: Chinese New Year!


chinese theme
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A big trend for this year’s wedding season is the use of bright colors! Inspired by that and the fact that in 2014 the Chinese New year celebration occurs in January, I propose it as the theme for a January Wedding!

Even though we are slowly progressing into longer days, it seems that it still gets dark and gloomy very early, so let’s add some light and brightness to our celebration by using plenty of color!

Make the bold shades of the Chinese dragon your wedding palette and be sure to decorate your venue with plenty of red traditional Chinese lanterns.

Another fantastic idea is to have your guests sending sky lanterns when night falls. They will float in the wind and glow in the sky – it looks spectacular!

chinese bride montage
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Red is the customary color for a bride in the Chinese culture as it is a color of auspiciousness and it is considered good luck to wear it on the wedding day.

However, you might want to try variations to this fascinating tradition. For instance you could wear an ivory or white gown and have a beautiful red flower bouquet. In addition you can choose to wear these cute little red shoes or to paint your nails with golden Chinese dragons on top of a red nail polish.

chinese food montage
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Model your wedding dinner menu on the Chinese cuisine, but choose to add new and exciting variations to more conventional dishes like these golden sparkling fortune cookies. Make sure your dinner table has plenty of color “pop” and fill colorful vases with exotic flowers like orchids.

When it comes to picking your wedding cake, I give you two examples – choose your favorite between a bright red frosted cake adorned with golden dragons and two bird toppers, or a classier and softer white frosted cake decorated with delicate red designs. They both look delicious and very colorful!