Interview with DJ Hevan!



Beija-flor Events had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Hevan and asked him all the things our readers want to know about wedding DJs!

He has been featured in the BBC Radio 1, The Source, The Boston Globe, Dirty Water TV, The Boston Herald and Stuff Magazine. He has also performed at various renowned events such as the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series party at Fenway, the Diane Von Furstenberg’s fashion Show in NYC and numerous store openings and events like Diesel or Victoria Secret.

In his resume he has shared the stage with celebrities including Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, NAS, Mike Posner, Clinton Sparks, Fatman Scoop, Fabolous and The Drop Kick Murphys.

Crowds love him and you can read the endless five star reviews from newlyweds on his wedding wire page.

More recently he founded his own DJ company “Do it all Djs” and you can learn more about their services at their website.


Hi Evan, how are you doing? I would like to ask you to tell us a little but about your background. Did you come from a music upbringing and how did you get started with DJ’ing?

I have always been a big music buff and grew up listening and loving 90s music especially hip-hop, dance and R&B.

I was also exposed to a lot of Motown as a child and grew to love groups and artists like the Temptations, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Kool & The Gang, etc.

But, my introduction to DJ’ing happened when I was in high school. At that time, my older sister was dating a DJ. I already loved music, so when I saw him scratching on the turntables, I instantly knew – that’s what I want to do!

So, I got a job at Tower Records on Newbury St. where I saved up enough money to buy my first set of turntables. My sister ended up breaking up with her boyfriend, but fortunately she had picked up enough from him to show me how it was done.

She was my best friend and taught me the craft that ought to be my career!

My first event was a talent show in high school. There I battled another DJ. I ended up winning and was a crowd favorite. I was doing tricks and getting everyone going.

After that event, I started DJ’ing every opportunity I could get my hands on whether they were school dances, events at the rec center, sweet 16s, 5 year old living room B-Days, you name it!

While still in high school, I DJ’ed in a Hip Hop group at the then famous Lansdowne Street. One time, I was DJ’ing between acts at a club called AXIS when a promoter heard me and said: “I want you to do my club nights!” And so that is when I really started regularly playing in clubs. It was a blast! I had to be snuck in at times and had my non-drinking bracelet on because I was so young.

Later, I went to college at UMASS Amherst to study music business. While in college, I DJ’ed all sorts of gigs, from basement frats parties to 20,000 seat concerts and everything in between – that is how I really got my feet wet!

Once I graduated, I moved to NYC and continued DJ’ing at different clubs while also working for a record label. I had wanted to start my own record label, but after a while I came to realize that NYC was not for me. It made me miss Boston. Boston was home!

After, coming back to my city, I went back to DJ’ing in the clubs around here. During the days, I would work with kids. As I got older I wanted to change out of the nightlife scene and weddings became the next step on my career.

Do you have any particular DJs who have influenced your style?

Believe it or not, a lot of big DJs came out of my high school!

Radio DJs like Hustle Simmons, Gee Spin & Laz E Boy were definitely a big influence on me. When I was younger my DJ’ing style was more about scratching and so the DJs I used to follow were in that scene. As I got older I started to respect other styles of DJ’ing.

Some of the DJs I admire are DJ Jazzy Jeff (who was Prince of Bel Air’s DJ), DJ AM (who was an incredible mash up DJ) and DJ G-Squared (who is a club DJ from Boston). There are a lot of big names of people I like and learned from. Seeing different DJs and how they play, is really important to develop your own style. I used to go to a lot of events and watch other DJs. Nowadays, I am busier with my own schedule, so I resort to You Tube.


What are the top reasons brides and grooms should select a DJ instead of a band?

Any professional DJ or musician would tell you that music is going to make or break your event! If you have a DJ that knows how to read a crowd well and play the right music, that is your best bet!

In addition, if the couple is interested in hearing certain songs, more than likely they would want to hear them in their original form and not a cover – a DJ can deliver that!

DJs do not take breaks and are also less expensive then most wedding bands, and that can be a key factor for the couple.

Furthermore, a DJ is more discreet and takes away less attention from the couple. A typical wedding band is usually composed of many people and can keep your guests attention completely focused on their act.

What are the things couples should do to work better with their DJ?

The best and most important thing is communication with the DJ. You need a DJ that will be willing to be there for you up until the day of the wedding. I always tell my clients that they can call, email and/or meet to let me know of anything they need. I want to be able to provide them with what they want but I won’t be able to know what that is if they do not communicate with me.

I send all my clients a wedding questionnaire, which covers any and every aspect of the wedding. In the music section, I ask the bride and groom to let me know what songs they definitely want played, along with which ones they do not want to hear that day and then I will work with the crowd.

There’s also a section regarding announcements, which allows me to know the correct spelling of the attendees’, names for toast situations, introductions and/or speeches. Overall, communication is key!


How do you motivate a crowd that is not dancing?

Fortunately, this has never happened to me! I like to play music that people know and can sing the words to.

My number one thing is crowd reading. For instance, if a couple gives me a specific genre that they want played, and that is not working with their guests, I need the freedom to switch it to something that will get people going.

I can play something for the older folk, like Motown, and then switch into 90’s, 80s and Top 40. etc…If you want to please both older and younger crowds, you have to keep the style of music varied. If I am playing a recognizable Motown song, then the older folk most likely will be dancing and their energy will transfer down to the younger folk and that creates a situation where everyone will feed of everyone else’s energy.

What do you find the most challenging at a wedding?

Initially, when I was first starting out, I had some trouble pronouncing all the names correctly. Also, being on the mic was somewhat intimidating at the time, but nowadays, it comes naturally to me.

One thing that can be challenging is sometimes working with vendors that are not on the same page. When I am working at a wedding, I am there for the bride and groom, and I am a team player. I want that event to be the best it can be and it is frustrating when some vendors somehow do not understand that.

Do you work as an MC as well? And if so, how is your MC style?

I am very smooth and confident on the microphone but I do not get out there and steal the attention from the bride and groom. It is not my show!

I am extremely comfortable with the mic and will say anything that needs to be said, do introductions, make any announcements or say a few words to pump up the crowd if needed, but I’m not your grandparents’ Chicken Dance DJ. My music does the talking for me!


Do you have any showcases where our readers can hear you spin?

I have tons of live DJ footage and interviews on You Tube and I have live music recorded that anyone can hear. Also, when it’s not wedding season you can find me every week at different clubs, lounges or events. So follow me to check out where you can hear me spin at


If you weren’t working as a wedding DJ, what career would interest you?

I work with children during the school days as a guidance counselor. I have been working with kids for the last 15 years. The education field highly interests me. I have worked in different settings with children whether it was special needs, one on one, mentoring outside the school, or DJ lessons.

I lived in San Diego and when I was there I taught DJ’ing to 2nd and 3rd graders. When they weren’t running around the room dancing, I taught them how to scratch and blend and they thought it was really cool.


If you could choose to do a wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

That is a hard question… So many places mmm…Maybe Brazil or Ibiza…they really party over there! Anywhere where there is a good crowd, count me in!

Tell us 3 things about yourself that are unrelated with DJ’ing?

My favorite thing to do when I have a night of is nothing! I binge watch Netflix and eat! I just finished watching all of Californication and Orange is the New Black.

Basketball is also a huge part of my life! I am in different leagues and play all the time. Since I was a kid I loved going to watch the Celtics. Basketball has always been big in my family. I remember that when I was really little my dad used to yell so much during the games that we were not allowed in the room…

I am a very proud uncle and my nephew is my world! He is a great basketball player at 12 years old. I taught him how to DJ and he already shows talent for it and has a great rhythm!


Chris and Janelle’s Rustic Fall Celebration!



Planning Chris and Janelle’s wedding was such a delightful experience and I am so happy for these two lovebirds. They are a truly admirable couple and their love is absolutely inspiring!

When they first contacted Beija-flor Events, they were planning to have their wedding celebration in the fall and wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous colors of the season while putting together a fun and welcoming event for all the guests.


When their day finally arrived, the beautiful bride got ready at the hotel together with her best friend Tory (Hi Tory!). Her mother and grandmother were also present and even the couple’s adorable puppy wanted to take part in all the action. The bride and her maid of honor looked gorgeous with their hair beautifully styled by Gina Melone and their flawless make-up done exquisitely by Grace Moschetto.





Meanwhile, Chris was getting ready at the couple’s home with his brother, his friend Justin (their officiant!) and the couple’s playful cats. The couple left special gits for one another to be opened that morning – a really sweet gesture of their love!


The venue chosen for their wedding was the Smith Barn in Peabody and they could not have had a more beautiful fall day. It was a bright sunny day, you could see the leaves on the trees in all shades of yellow, orange and red, and the air was perfectly crisp!






All the flower arrangements, fabulous centerpieces and elegant bouquets were designed by Les Fleurs in Andover – Aren’t they stunning?






Janelle and Chris exchanged their vows in front of their families and friends in a very emotional ceremony and afterwards, as the guests enjoyed some drinks and tasty appetizers, the couple explored the grounds and took some beautiful and romantic photographs at sunset!






The reception took place inside the barn, which was beautifully lit by all the string lights adorning the walls and wooden poles.



There was so much detail in their decorations. The centerpieces were made of carved pumpkins and filled with colorful seasonal flowers and berries. There were small pumpkins on each table holding the table names, which were selected from places with special meaning to the couple.


Their delicious cake was baked and decorated by Jenny and it was filled with three different flavors including a fall favorite: pumpkin spice! Its appearance was perfectly fitting for the rustic feel of this magical venue.


As a wedding gift the guests were given beautifully carved wooden bookmarks.






The dinner was offered buffet style by Vinwood Caterers. It was composed of a selection of seasonal dishes exquisitely prepared on site. Definitely one of the best meals you could ever have!








After the cake was cut everyone jumped on the dance floor and the dancing did not stop until the night was over. DJ Mark Cherone made sure of that! And Chris knew all the words to all the songs – impressive!






It was an extraordinary day for an extraordinary couple! Thank you so much Janelle and Chris for having me as your wedding planner. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and be part of your life for the last year.

Enjoy a lifetime of happiness and love!


A big thank you to my day-of coordinator assistant Marie-Christine Nizzi.

All these stunning shots were taken by the wonderful Shane and Meg @ Shane Godfrey Photography! – Thank you so much!

One last thank you to the videography team Adam and Ryan @ Brighter Lights Media – Beija-flor Events will be sharing a video of this fabulous day with you soon!


Alex and Robin’s Railroad Inspired Summer Wedding!


Robin Alex Wedding 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting this fun and loving couple earlier this year when they hired me to help planning their wedding this past August!
Alex comes from a chinese family and Robin is from Louisiana but they chose the beautiful coast of Maine as the backdrop for their celebration. They aimed to create something laid back and non-traditional and, while incorporating elements of both heritages, they wanted their wedding to be a reflexion of who they are as a couple. In their own words – they wanted to blow everyone’s mind and have the best time!

Robin Alex Wedding 2014

The selected venue was the Portland Company Complex in Maine. Built in 1846, it was an old factory where railroad equipment was constructed for the connection between Portland and Montreal.

The room had a raw industrial appeal with plenty of cast iron, dark wood beams and cubby holes. However, on August, 10, 2014, it was magically transformed into a romantic space lit by cafe string lights, paper lanterns, candles, and antique railroad lamps. Inspired by the railroad origins of this venue, each table was named to represent a train station with a special meaning for the couple and it was decorated with old books piles, wild flowers in mason jars, and vintage liquor bottles! 

robin and alex place

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 66

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 311

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 186

After their sweet and personal ceremony that involved several readings from special guests, the dance party started with a Mardi Gras marching dance and continued all night with various tunes played by the DJ – Erik Klausmeyer.

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 329

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 340

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 344

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 201

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 80

For the menu, guests were served delicious Southern BBQ provided by Salvage BBQ as they sipped delicious drinks from The Dogfish Company. The wonderful staff from Bayview Concierge kept things rolling smoothly all night long!

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 323

Robin Alex Wedding 2014

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 212

Robin and Alex baked their own cake and created a cake bar, where guests could have their pick from different flavors, fillings and toppings and enjoy a decadent slice (or two) of their favorites!

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 403

Many congratulations to Alex and Robin! Beija-flor Events wishes you both a lifetime of happiness and thank you so much for having me planning your wedding day!

All these great shots were taken by the couple’s friend and talented photographer Dana Kincaid. Thank you, Dana for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us!

Robin Alex Wedding 1 - JPG 50 percent original 396


Interview with Wedding Make-up Artist Grace Moschetto!


Beija-flor Events had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful make-up artist Grace Moschetto, from Grace Professional Cosmetics. We asked her about all those tips and tricks that you should know when preparing for your wedding day!

She has styled for celebrities and her work has been featured on TLC, the Merrimack Valley Magazine, and Sports Illustrated On-line
She has been highly rated on the Knot and the Wedding Wire for several years and has received the Brides Choice Award.
Grace knows that the key to a great look is to enhance each bride’s own beauty. As she likes to say: “If it comes from your heart you will wear it well!”

Danielle & Eric 1

Hello Grace, what a treat to talk to you again!
Let’s share with your readers a little bit about your background. What was your inspiration to become involved in the beauty business and how did you start?

I love art and I have always been attracted to color! When I was 13, I was allowed to start wearing make-up and at that time my mother was selling Mary Kay. I remember she hosted a make-up lesson at our house, so all the teenage girls could learn how to apply make-up properly. That event kind of got me started on trying make-up and playing with it.
I also danced: tap, ballet, and jazz… and did theater and was always drawn to the hair and make-up part of the productions. I loved that!
At some point, I was living in San Diego working in a theatric production where we would run a show for 6 weeks from August until mid-September. I was doing a lot of make-up on men, stage and set make-up. As soon as our show stopped running, we would rent our costumes for Halloween and a lot of Drag Queens would come by to take the gowns.
In 2003, I got my formal education as a Professional Make-up Artist and I started working at weddings. Later, I branched out to other work like runway shows, hair shows and even ballroom dance competitions.

What are your top beauty tips for brides? Are there any skin care ‘don’ts’ that a Bride should be aware of when she’s planning her pre-wedding skin care schedule?

I usually advise anybody who is attending an event, and more specifically brides, to follow their normal routines.
In other words, don’t get a facial a couple of days before the wedding, but keep your skin care routine pretty even.
When you do a facial, toxins come out of the body, and if a bride isn’t very used to drinking lots of water before and after the treatment to flush all those toxins, it will only make matters worse – her face can become a blemish central on the wedding day!
I usually recommend that facials should be done at least 30 days prior to the wedding.
The best advice for skin prep, is what doctors will tell you: eat right, drink lots of water and sleep, sleep, sleep! And keep your stress levels down the best you can.
I suggest that brides drink plenty of water and add lemon, lime or tangerine squirts to it. It is a really quick way to absorb vitamin C. Lemons are also natural preservatives. Skin care starts on the inside, and if you put good things in your body, good things will be seen on the outside: in your hair, your skin and your nails!


Let’s talk about the make-up trial. What lessons are learned from the trial for both the bride and the make-up artist?

Well, for the make-up artist it’s always about listening to what the bride wants.
Every bride is different, every face is different and as the artist going into the trial, you want to hear the bride’s opinions, take the information that is given and then translate that into technical terms. How is that look going to appear on the wedding day and how will it photograph?
We have to craft it so while we are giving a bride what she asks for, we are also aware that this particular look is going to work with the camera – we have to speak technical and speak “bride” correctly!
What the brides normally learn from the trial is that they are wearing a little more make-up than they normally do. That is ok, because we are applying make-up for a specific event. On the wedding day, the energy is completely different, their hair is done, they have their dress and jewelry on and it becomes more like a costume, if you will. It is a huge transformation! Plus, light sucks color from us, and we need to compensate for that.
From the trial the bride might look at her face and see all face, but keeping an open mind and relying a little bit more on the professional, will be beneficial.
It is very important to have open communication – we want to give the bride what she wants and put a big smile on her face!

What’s trending for brides with hair and makeup looks, right now?

I like to create personal trends for each bride I work with. But in terms of what is trending in the industry, I would say red lip is always a favorite and vintage – the recycling of the decades, anything from the 20s on – is big right now. Also, Gatsby – we are definitely still riding that cycle.
The other thing is that there are sub-trends within the trends and we cannot forget about the offbeat brides, the pin-up brides and brides with a ton of piercing or tattoos.
Also, weddings of same sex couples are definitely increasing.
But, for me, every person I see, I feel like they are the ones setting the trend. Bringing out their personal style is what I love to do!

How long should brides allow in their day-of schedule for make-up application?

It is usually better when a bride has a trial prior to the wedding, as we can plan how long it takes to apply the make-up with more accuracy. That being said, many times people just book us and we come in without ever having met them.
For the most part, however, we determine when the photographer is going to arrive and space the time out so that the members of the bridal party have a solid 30 minutes and the bride has from 45 min to 1 hour for make-up.
But, it can sometimes take less time. It depends on skin situations: if we have to do a lot of corrective, if we have to cover scars or tattoos… although, I am finding that people don’t really cover tattoos as much anymore. They are either showing them or getting them in strategic places where they won’t be seen as easily.


Do you recommend that the bride provides her own makeup?

I provide all of my own brand make-up. It is a professional stage and set make-up that was formulated specifically for the motion picture industry.
This make-up is hypoallergenic and also non-comedogenic, which means it does not support bacterial growth.
I have had a huge success with it and I like to use it. However, I do not deny anybody bringing their own make-up if they know for a fact that they have specific allergies or are hypersensitive.
But, I like to package everything with one price and it is built in the price. We are the professionals so we are bringing everything and using our expertise. The fewer stress factors we add on, the better!

What if the bride wants a look that you know does not suit her? How do you handle this situation?
Well, that goes back into the trial part. The trial is playtime and at that point I will provide the look that the bride requests so that she can see it for herself. If she is happy with it, than that is how it is going to be. If she then decides: “Oh, you know what? This really doesn’t look that great, I don’t like it!” Then I will say: “Well, let’s change it up!” That is what the trial is all about. We want to 100% achieve the look of her dreams!
If the bride decides on the wedding day that she wants to change the style, there is also no problem. I have enough skills in my bag of tools that I can pull of different looks!

What would you tell to a bride who is considering doing her make-up herself?

I offer discounts to brides on my make-up, so I would probably invite her to purchase some of my products and with that I would offer her a class or give her some tips and tricks!
I am open to the idea of brides doing their own make-up because I know that there are people out there that love to do their own make-up. Either they love make-up, or they want it done exactly a certain way, or they don’t like other people touching them. Whatever the reason is, I don’t take it personally.
I am a make up artist with a big heart and whether the bride is using my services, buying my make-up or not, I would still offer advice, absolutely!


What has been the most challenging wedding you have done?

My most challenging wedding…Well, I had one wedding that had a lot of people in the bridal party, which of course is a little challenging, but the difficult part was that they had a room with almost no space. I had to do make-up for 9 people all on my knees. That was uncomfortable!
On top of that, there were children running around with food on their hands while the curling irons were on, the lighting was also not good…it was a combination of many components that was not the greatest.
But after that wedding, I developed a list of tips that I give to all my brides, so that they can prep before hand. It is a good thing as it contributes to the safety of everyone involved.

How do you keep cool under all the pressure of a wedding day?

First of all, I have the passion to be in this industry and I feel very blessed because I get paid to be myself and do what I love. Secondly, it’s the bride’s day and her family’s day so I remove myself from that equation. I feel very privileged that they allow me to share such an important and happy occasion. It is very intimate. I am behind the scenes and I feel honored that I get to have that bird’s-eye view of what is one of the most special days of someone’s life. I really care about my brides and that feeling keeps me calm.

Also, I am naturally a grounded and peaceful person and I am also a Reiki master teacher. I can actually feel the energy in the room and I am able to sense a situation before it happens. I practice what I teach.
Lastly, experience is important. I have been in the business since 1986 and I have experienced several sides of a wedding – I was even a DJ! So, I have learned over the years how to be professional. Now, it is second nature to me.


I know you have your own make-up line. Can you tell us about the collection and what inspired you to create it?

I came across this make-up when I modeled years ago. At the time, there was no one doing our make-up. The owner of the modeling agency gave us this make-up and I instantly fell in love with it!
So, when I started my own company, I contacted the manufacturer and he told me that I was allowed to brand it, so that is what I did.
Again, it is a professional make-up line made for the movie industry, and all the products are made here in the US with the exception of the pencils, which come from Germany and Czech Republic. They are national and local products, even the labels are made locally in Lawrence, MA.
The make-up is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. And it is actually hydrating which is beautiful and you don’t get that heavy caked on feeling.
Using what was available from the manufacturer, I have experimented and narrowed down my selection to a core line and that is in my catalog and website for sale.
Soon, I will be developing seasonal collections, bridal collections for different types of looks and, something I am very excited about, we are also going to be providing funds for charitable causes in different collections. I don’t have to go through a committee to do it and we can customize the products and reformulate the colors a little bit – it is pretty exciting!

Tell us 3 things about yourself that are unrelated to beauty.

I once had a job serving rice balls. I was 17 years old and I worked, for part of the summer, at a little shack in Salisbury beach. I went in at 10pm and got out at 2am. This place was right down the street from all the clubs, so we had a lot of intoxicated people coming in for those midnight munchies… It was certainly a character building experience.
I also have an art background. I took classes in North Andover in 1994. And a year later, I found myself teaching fine arts at that very same studio.
And… I am looking for true love! Working with all these brides is amazing … and I am looking for something true!

To see more of Grace’s lovely work check out her website and her Facebook page!


Spring Wedding cakes!


wedding cakes spring
Dandee ConfectionsMark Davidson photography – photo of yellow cake made by Wild Orchid BakeryLaura Murray photography – photo of cake made by Three little black birdsB cake NYAmbrosia BakeryCMH cakes

When selecting the cake for a Spring wedding, choose one in a light color and with a soft texture. Great shades to pick from are: white, ivory, yellow, lavender, mint, and light pink.

Choose a cake that is adorned with flowers -flowers are the face of Spring!  Cherry blossoms, in particular, are fabulous choices! They bloom in the beginning of Spring and are so delicate and dainty… Daisies, are also fantastic, and they are really trendy this year, both in weddings and fashion. I love daisies! I think that this season I might have purchased several wardrobe pieces with daisy patterns. :)

For extra sophistication, you cannot go wrong with having some butterflies on your cake- they are just exquisite!

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go and have a piece – these yummy pictures have definitely made me hungry for some delicious cake! :)

Beija-flor Events

May’s Wedding Inspiration: “Under the Tuscan sun!”


Tuscany CaffellettoGarrett NuddRobert and Kathleen PhotographyDonna Corless PhotographerJoel Bedford PhotographyJoel Bedford Photography

May is probably the ideal month to visit Tuscany. There are plenty of sunny skies and warm temperatures, yet it is not overwhelmingly hot. In the beginning of the month, the countryside is covered in a gorgeous green color and you can spot beautiful flowers blooming – roses, sage, wildflowers, red poppies… By the end of May, however, all the green starts turning into that yellowish tone that we have grown so accustomed to associate with Tuscany in the Summer months!

While touring around this charming italian region, one cannot help but notice the various quaint houses with their long brick patios lined with oversized clay vases. These patios are often where family dinners and other festivities are held. You can find everyone celebrating around a bountiful table and sharing the delicious Tuscan cuisine.

If you wish to channel Tuscany’s landscape and ambiance into your Spring or Summer wedding, then keep reading…

The first step, is perhaps to select your wedding colors. For this theme you can pick bold shades – think of the yellows of the sunflowers and grass, the bright green of the tree leaves, the reds of the poppies and clay bricks and the blues and purples of the wildflower fields!

For the venue, I would choose between a rural area with plenty of bright green grass or maybe hay bales (if you are thinking of having your wedding closer to the end of the Summer!) or a private house, library or museum, with a great patio resembling the old italian villas.

Your portraits are most likely going to be the pictures you are going to have on display in your house during all the years to come. So, you want to make sure you use the wonderful Spring and Summer sunshine on those photos.

When it comes to designing the reception dinner, start by deciding on the type of tables you would like to have. I suggest one long table or maybe an L-shaped table design. To achieve this look, you can line rectangular tables that fit 8 people into a long line. Decorate the tables with colorful flower centerpieces. Use all the flowers in season, especially the wildflowers as they are fairly inexpensive and perfect for this purpose. For place settings, I suggest you stick the guest names into apples, lemons or even corks.

Light is always one of the most important aspects of any wedding reception – it can literally make or break the whole experience. To really bring that Tuscan ambiance to your party, set up cafe lights crossing all the way on top of the dinner table.

tuscany food montage Cake centralNew England Country RentalsSociety brideancora del chiantiImagery ImmaculateImagery Immaculate

If you are leaning on having a family style dinner, a fantastic idea is to use wine barrels and wooden boards as a make shift buffet table. It looks fantastic and original! You can place the “tables” under a tree and hang mason jars filled with lights to create the perfect mood.

Serve traditional Italian dishes for dinner, they are delicious and loved by most. Plus, you can easily have vegetarian options as well. Make sure, your caterer works with the freshest ingredients! Olive oil, bread, tomatoes, cheese, meats, pasta and of course red wine are all staples of this cuisine!

Don’t forget dessert! Tiramisu is my personal favorite :) And when it comes to picking your wedding cake, check out the one in the picture above. It is a marble three tiered cake decorated with grapes made of sugar. It’s absolutely magnificent and very fitting for this theme.

A cute party favor, and that guests will probably also find really useful, is a tiny bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a lovely bottle!

tuscany bride Anna CampbellElizabeth MessinaKate Moss Wedding – John Galliano dressSwanslandingTecpetajaphotoWeddings Vintage

For the bride, I would choose a sleek wedding gown with plenty of dainty embellishments such as lace and golden or pearl embroidery.

Vintage veils with intricate hand-stitched lace are stunning and would look wonderful for this style of wedding. Another fabulous idea is wearing a headpiece like the golden flower headband or the vintage tiara above.

And, of course, for the bouquet, sunflowers are my first choice! Include red flowers and some greenery to add dimension and color!


Nail colors for your Spring wedding!



Butter London – “Molly Coddled”OPI – Brazil collection “Where did Suzy’s man go?”Rimmel – “Lemon Drop”OPI – Brazil collection “Kiss me I am Brazilian”OPI – “My chihuahua bites”Chanel 527 “Nouvelle Vague”

A new season has arrived and once more Beija-flor Events is bringing you suggestions on what shades to paint your nails during these months. Whether you are in a wedding or attending a wedding, playing with nail color and accessories is a great way to show your style. Spring is the season when flowers are in bloom, so we are taking inspiration from nature and choosing light and fun colors. Pastels are always a season’s favorite and this year, in particular, lavender and purple shades are in!