Downton Abbey is back….

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A series that quickly became a favorite in our homes is finally back for its fourth season.. and it is about time! As the years go by for our beloved characters, we can perceive a lot of alterations. It is now the roaring 20s and the costumes are different, ¬†technology has arrived to the kitchens and living rooms of the castle and even the social roles are beginning to change…

Here are some wedding tips for a Dowton inspired celebration:

  • When choosing your venue, make sure you have space for a long dinning room table;
  • Pick beautiful English vintage china pieces to decorate your table and spread several candles in candlesticks equidistant for the whole length of the table;
  • For the wedding gown choose an ivory drop waisted, high neck gown and wear elbow long gloves for another vintage touch;
  • You must have a headpiece and the latest fashion from America is the feather headband!
  • Have a photo taken on a staircase resembling like Lady Mary’s iconic scene before her own wedding;
  • Use a gramophone to play music during the cocktail hour and play recognizable tunes from the 1920s era;
  • Rent a vintage car to take you and your groom to the reception or away after the party is over;
  • Make sure to serve recipes worthy of Mrs Patemore’s kitchen like Crunchy Fig and Bleu Cheese Tarts, ¬†Poached Salmon with Creamy hollandaise sauce, Fillet Mignon with Foi gras and truffle sauce or Chocolate Almond cake with sour cream icing. For more ideas on Edwardian time’s recipes check the unofficial recipe book of the series! Bon Apetit!


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